The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: It’s All Just High School

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I started a new job last week and have been settling into that. Then, I got sick and spent all weekend in bed and got really behind in life.

That being said, I’m ready to ease back into the blog thing with a less serious post. I have a few intense topics stalked up, but I’m not ready with them yet. So, for now, let’s talk: the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

I can’t pretend to be a longtime Fallon Fan. I never really watched him besides the few viral videos that circled the internet, which I always enjoyed. Last week, I watched some of his debut week on the Tonight Show and really enjoyed it. He’s a really excited guy who just seems amazed by life all the time, and I find that amusing.

I made sure to watch the Justin Timberlake episode with History of Rap 5

While laughing at the rap and subsequent interview I admitted, “I would really actually hate these guys in real life.”

As they sat there laughing at their own jokes, they reminded me of those guys in the back of the class in high school. They found themselves extremely funny, but were really just kind of annoying. Those guys gathered enough people around them that thought themselves  hilarious and, together, formed some sort of “in-crowd.”

Way outside the in-crowd sat nerdy girls like me. Guys like Fallon and Timberlake made me feel, well, nerdy, uncomfortable, and incredibly out of place in high school. These were the people I avoided as much as possible.

But now, when I watch the Tonight Show, I find it entertaining. These guys, who would be obnoxious in real life, are funny on TV. Yes, they are good performers, but I think we like it more because, while watching them, we feel part of the “in-crowd.” They are the cool guys. And liking them makes us feel cool and in the know.

In the end, it’s all really just high school.


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