Considering the Middle

I’ve started to notice a pattern emerging around me. This pattern is not just on the news and in capitol buildings, but in my neighborhoods and families. In looking for “truth” we have come to one conclusion: If I am right, then they are wrong.

Each of us spends so much time and energy arguing this point. We spend hours each day, watching the news and surfing the internet looking for people who validate our rightness. And in 2014 we can find them and easily isolate ourselves from those who do not agree with us. We refuse to entertain the thought that others, too, could be right.

Little do we consider that the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Sure, we know it in the philosophical sense, but we could never admit it. Doing so would allow for the possibility that we are wrong. But we are right. So they must be wrong. And nothing is discussed and nothing is accomplished and nothing is solved.

If we momentarily considered the middle, we may find some answers. Just because I’m right doesn’t mean you’re wrong. In each of our ideas is an element of truth. Finding that truth is increasingly difficult in the world of social media and 24 hour news. My goal is to see if that impartial, middle area is still there to be explored.

My questions are:

Can I have an informed opinion without disregarding either side of an argument?

Can I really be involved in social media, politics, and culture at large and remain somewhat impartial?

Can I have integrity if I don’t fight for one set of beliefs?

During the month of February I will consider these questions in as many contexts as I can: politics, pop culture, sports, etc. I will try to rid my social media of partiality. And I will spend as much time as possible considering the middle.

What questions and issues would you like to consider and discuss?