Considering KSL News Coverage

Last night I was shocked – shocked! – to hear that Utah was “almost legalizing medical marijuana,” or something like that, in KSL’s teaser for the 10:00 news.

Except they’re not.

Utah passed HB0105 that would allow families whose child has epilepsy to buy cannabis oil, or hemp oil. Hemp oil significantly decreases the amount of seizures a child has in a day. You cannot get high off of it, and  it doesn’t seem to have negative side effects. And families don’t grow weed, regardless of what all the pictures of pot planters implied.

KSL talked about how great the bill was in front of this set:


Seriously? Seriously?! Come on now. That’s just silly, KSL.

All I can figure is that they were trying to show more than one opinion. Everyone seemed to think the bill was great and not controversial, and they couldn’t find anyone who had any problems with the bill to interview. So instead, they threw marijuana leaves on the wall, showed a lot of pot plants, and compared it to legalizing marijuana. Therefore, creating controversy where there was none.

Well played, KSL, well played.

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