Considering What’s Making me Happy

Sometimes taking a look at both sides of things can get heavy and difficult. That combined with, well, life, I’ve been a little down lately.

Today I thought I’d try a less heavy topic  like Daylight Savings Time. I don’t know if I’m just exhausted or what, but after ten minutes of research I was SO BORED.

So instead I’m watching Pitch Perfect and waiting for True Detective to start. Because that is really my life.

And then I got an idea! Every week on Pop Culture Happy Hour  they end their show with “What’s Making Us Happy.” So here are some things that are making me happy (besides Pitch Perfect and True Detective)

  • Bike ride up Provo Canyon – no picture because… I didn’t take one.
  • Billy at the Nissan Car Dealership. This super nice guy is helping me find my car. Hopefully I don’t get so screwed over this time.

  • My job. I have a real life job, guys. And I get to write/edit/blog all day, which is great.

  • My room is clean and all my laundry is done.

So this is what’s making me happy. Enjoy your week and let me know what’s making you happy!



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