Considering the Blog

This is an apology for the lack of content recently and me trying to figure out the future of the blog.

It suddenly hit me today that this blog was supposed to be a month long project in February. It’s March 8, so technically I could be done. Except February didn’t really go the way I thought it would.

I began with the best intentions of blogging almost everyday about an array of topics and people would get involved and it would become a community and everything would be peachy.

But it didn’t work like that.

Mostly because halfway through February (almost exactly) I got a job. This job consists of sitting at a computer writing blog posts all day. When I come home I have a hard time staring at a computer and writing blog posts. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, it’s just that I haven’t figured out how.

This blog has opened up my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking and I like that. And I have been talking to people and there has been a community of sorts surrounding this blog. I thank you, the reader, for coming on the blog and following my musings. Thank you.

I’ve heard it said that it is harder to speak in front of a close group of friends than a large group of strangers. I definitely feel that here. My readership is small and mostly my Facebook friends and family. There are some heavy topics concerning religion, feminism, etc. that I would love to dive into for my own personal ¬†reflection, but I’m not sure it would be so good for me or you. I’ve had a “rape culture” topic in the works for weeks and I can’t really figure out where to go with it.

So I’m just trying to figure it out if I keep doing the blog and keep on in the world of current events and pop culture, which is really fun. Or, do I dive into deeper personal concerns I have?

So that’s all. Not that exciting. I’m sorry I haven’t written more and I appreciate you who have read what I have written. Hopefully I figure out a good place to continue.


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